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Jerry Truck
on Microsoft Edge: Is It Any Good or Does it Suck?

Yes, it sucks. Tried to print a mailing label through after clicking on PRINT and nothing happens. Switched over to Chrome and printed immediately. What a joke.

on Microsoft Edge: Is It Any Good or Does it Suck?

I stopped in to let any readers know that Edge has not gotten any better; in fact it's gotten worse. I have 3 windows open with about 7 tabs per… is also a great free source. It offers a lot of features like CPC and search competition too!

Francois Barnard
on Creating Custom CMS Templates Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With Themler

Hi Keith Sorry, I have to disagree. With Artisteer I could at least get some templates generated, but Themler generates PHP errors when you try to do a Joomla template.…

This links in well with the above point, but imagine in this scenario, there is no Social Media Executive – only you. In addition, on top of emails, taking care…