Apple Sold 60 Million iPhones During the First Three Months of 2015

Apple Sold 60 Million iPhones During the First Three Months of 2015

Apple reported a very strong sales performance as the company was able to sell more or less 60 million iPhones within just the first three months of the year 2015. It has been reported that the biggest demand for iPhones for the first three months of the year came from the country of China.

Over 60 million iPhones were old and the company generated a total revenue of 58 billion US dollars within just a span of three months. So far, it is known to be the best sales performance of the business industry for this year. The firm’s net profit is reported to be 13.6 billion US dollars.

According to the company, the results were a record for a second quarter for a firm from California. The company is said to sell more or less four million Macs.

According to Tim Cook, who is the chief executive of Apple, they are thrilled by the strength the iPhone, Mac and App Store are showing. He said that the continued strength of these lines resulted to the best March quarter results in the history of the firm.

The chief executive also added that they are now seeing more people switching to iPhones compared to the previous cycles. He also announced that the company is now very excited to start to the June quarter with the unveiling of its latest product – the Apple Watch.

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