Fotokite Phi, A Foldable Quadcopter On A Leash Can Now Be Pre-Ordered On Indiegogo


The drone maker Fotokite has unleashed its first consumer model, the Fotokite Phi, a Friendly, Foldable Quadcopter on a Leash. The company has started a campaign on Indiegogo in an attempt to raise $300,000 for the project.

Fotokite Phi
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What is Fotokite Phi?

The Fotokite Phi can also be called a flying selfie stick, which is designed by Perspective Robotics AG, uses a GoPro Hero3 or Hero4 camera, instead of having a built-in camera. The drone is ultra-portable, which can be easily folded and can be fitted entirely inside a tube of the size of a thermos. The Phi weighs just 12.3 ounces (350 grams) with a camera. You can take it anywhere with you and capture some amazing aerial shots quickly, safely and conveniently.

How to use the drone?

If you want to fly the Fotokite Phi, you just need to fold down the arms and twist a lock on top. After that, you can connect a GoPro to the camera in front. It will fly like a kite, and you don’t need to have any special piloting skills to control it. This drone is quite different from the normal camera-mounted drones, which are having complex controllers, GPS systems or apps. The Phi is controlled only by a retractable tether connected to the drone.

What is the cost of pre-ordering the drone?

The company said that the Fotokite Phi is made especially for the action sports enthusiast, the gadget aficionado, the hobby photographers, and the guerrilla journalist. If you are amazed by reading about it and are interested in buying it, you can pre-order it on Indiegogo, starting at USD$ 249.

Here are some sample photographs taken by the drone and you are free to share your views about the device and sample photographs in the comment section below.

Fotokite Phi
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Fotokite Phi sample  images
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Fotokite Phi sample images
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