Google Will Remove Revenge Porn

Google Will Remove Revenge Porn from Search Results now. The search giant announced on Friday that it will honor requests to remove intimate images and videos shared without the consent of subjects from its search results. A web form will be soon available for people who want to submit their

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‘Fallout 4’ Not Coming To Xbox 360 Or PlayStation 3
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Bethesda says that ‘Fallout 4’ for Xbox 360 and PS3 is a no-go With a title like Fallout 4, you have the right to be choosy on what gaming systems support it. Such is the case with Bethesda, who announced that they will be releasing their new game for current-gen

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iPhones Can Have A Meltdown From Strange New Bug

iPhones have had a few small issues over the years. Between user hands blocking the antenna to a single line of text reportedly locking up phones. New reports are out that when a specific text is sent to an iPhone can cause it to crash and reboot, occasionally still blocking

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Buttercoin Logo

Buttercoin will go offline on April 10th 11PM pacific time, the company said on their website. They also advised their customers to move their bitcoins to another service by the 10th of April. The accounts that are unclaimed will be returned to the accounts from which they came from. The

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