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All You Need to Know About Sony’s Rumoured PlayStation NEO

Sony took about 7 years to release PlayStation 4 (PS4) after the PlayStation 3 (PS3), which is the expected lifespan of a console. But now, Sony is rumoured to be developing an upgrade to PS4 – PlayStation NEO – mere 3 years after it was released.

Also called PlayStation 4k or PlayStation 4.5, the new console will mark Sony’s entry into the blossoming 4K market.

Alleged Specs of PlayStation NEO

NEO would be a makeover of the current generation PS4, instead of a completely new product, much like how PS3 Slim was for the PS3.

Compared to the original PS4’s 8 Jaguar Cores 1.6 GHz CPU, the PS4 NEO will have 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz.

It’ll also feature a better AMD GPU featuring 36 CUs at 911 MHZ and 218 GB/s 8GB GDDR5 memory.

For better stability, it’ll have more memory allowance when running 1080p in HD TVs, as well as 4K support.

The NEO will use the same games library as the PS4. However, the NEO will upscale games to 4K resolution.

All this suggests that while shifting focus toward better graphical performance, Sony is still making sure that the original PS4 doesn’t become obsolete just yet.

What will be its price? Any guesses?

If the PS4.5 comes out with super-size specs, then its price will certainly be higher, too.
If the PS4.5 comes out with super-size specs, then its price will certainly be higher, too.

After launching the powerful PS3 in the US at $499 (and offering a higher-end, $599 model), Sony has come downmarket in recent years.

For example, PS4 started at $399 and is now available for $349 with an included game. And this affordable price is one reason why PS4 has outsold Xbox One by an almost two to one margin.

If the PS4.5 comes out with super-size specs, then its price will certainly be higher, too. But as long as the standard PS4 continues to be available at its current price, Sony may be able to have its cake and eat it, too.

What is the release date of PS4K?

PlayStation NEO's release date is still unknown.
PlayStation NEO’s release date is still unknown.

Usually, console companies release their latest products around the holidays, so it can be speculated that Sony might release the PS NEO around that time.

Some also speculate that Sony might announce something about it at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June.

Others believe that its release might coincide with the PlayStation VR’s October release date.

Till then, wait, wait and wait!!

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