Technology Helps Get Better Sleep (And Avoid Accidents)

Technology Helps Get Better Sleep (And Avoid Accidents)

People with lack of sleep, particularly those who only get six to seven hours per night are twice more likely to become involved in a car accident than those who sleep at least eight hours. And based on the same, people who only get four or five hours of sleep are up to five times more likely to become involved in a car accident, AAA claimed.

The problem now, according to the Centers for Disease Control, is that 30 percent of US adults are saying they only get an average of six hours of sleep, and up to 70 million of them have a sleep disorder at certain points in their lives.

But technology can turn the problem around.

Now, there are gadgets designed and created to track one’s sleep and help him improve it. One example is Sense, a tiny orb that sits in a room can monitor the room’s temperature, light, noise, humidity and air particles as well as that wakes one up at the ideal point of one’s sleep cycle. It comes with a tiny clip for attachment to someone’s pillow in order to track his movements. Upon waking up, the orb can tell, through an iOS app, the data on how much sleep you got and what factors in the environment disturbs his rest. The orb will start shipping in November.

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