The upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS is designed to enhance user experience

Yesterday the e-commerce company unleashed the upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS users. The new app is designed to make shopping easier for buyers as well as helpful for sellers.

David Beach, Director of Product Management in Mobile at eBay, said:

“This is the first step on mobile. We needed a clean slate to build upon to build new user experiences…and this framework allows us to do that.”

upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS

What are the changes in the upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS?

This is for the first time that eBay is unifying its user experience across different mobile platforms. Earlier, eBay had a different interface for android, iOS, tab and web apps. The latest eBay app for Android and iOS has simplified the tasks by dividing the app functionality into three tabs: Shop, Sell and Activity.

Shop Tab:

The Shop Tab in new eBay 4.0 app is a consolidation of its product discovery features and search function. This tab has a selection of browsable categories to help shoppers discover products easily in the app and they can alternatively search the company’s inventory of 800 million products.

Sell Tab:

The new Sell Tab in the upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS will provide more tools for users to track their online sales. It will also integrate eBay Valet into the app, allowing users to ship their products to experienced sellers to list and photograph for them.

Activity Tab:

In the activity tab users can track their purchases, watch-listed or wish-listed items, as well as selling activities. The latest eBay 4.0 app can show you the number of sold items and the number of items left to sell.

The upgraded eBay 4.0 app for Android and iOS has enhanced user experience and the company is also planning to bring new user-experience design to its Website. But the company has not disclosed when this change might happen.

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