Move beyond One-On-One Dates with Tinder Social – A Privacy Nightmare    

On Wednesday, Tinder has launched yet another world-changing feature – Tinder Social which is currently being tested in Australia, but will be rolled out all over the world soon.

But why? Because Tinder wants you to make new friends, however, people might use it in another way.

What is this Tinder Social?

 Move beyond One-On-One Dates with Tinder Social
Move beyond One-On-One Dates with Tinder Social

Well, if you’re fed up of one-on-one dating and looking for “new adventure”, then Tinder Social is your thing.

This new feature will let you organize hangouts with groups of your tinder-using friends.

All you’ve to do is gather a group of your friends, and swipe through other groups of friends until you find a (group) match.

You can also chat with your group matches and see their status and find out what they’re up to. Great??

But here’s the reality check..

Tinder Social can be your next privacy nightmare.
Tinder Social can be your next privacy nightmare.

The group feature will show the list of your Facebook friends who use Tinder, and will also let you see their profiles. And this is not acceptable and quite embarrassing for most of the Tinder users.

But for some, this might not be a big deal.

However, it can cause some issues. For example, you’re in a relationship and don’t use Tinder anymore (for obvious reasons), but you haven’t deleted your account. In such case, your profile still exists, even if you’ve deleted the app from your phone for good.

And the worst part is- the feature isn’t opt-in, instead it’s automatically activated. But this problem is easy enough to fix by simply adjusting a setting.

However, some self-identifying polyamorists are excited about this new feature.

Its party time for polyamorists at Tinder Socia
It’s party time for polyamorists at Tinder Socia

It is pretty unclear what does Tinder refer to the “new adventure” in its blog post.

But for the horny throngs the “group” option on Tinder means, the app now wants them to explore new things i.e. group sex. That’s not a big leap, as there’s already a “Tinder for threesome” called 3nder.

Therefore, Tinder added that the feature is “not group dating,” rather, “it’s a fun new way to meet new people with your friends.

Now only the time will tell, what will come out of Tinder Social.

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