Our Editors

Meet the Team

Chief Editor:
Gerald McNicholl
Email: gerald@mytechbits.com

Gerald is a very knowledgeable professional with over 17 years experience in Information Technology.

Senior Editor:
Amanda Smith
Email: asmith@mytechbits.com

Amanda is passionate about Science with a Science Degree she also loves to write about her favorite subject.

Science Editor:
Jason Anderson
Email: jason@mytechbits.com

Jason is another avid Science buff who loves nothing more than two write about the latest Technology and Science news.

Technology Editor:
David Andrews
Email: dandrews@mytechbits.com

David is our resident geek which a Degree in Computer Science and AI.

Technology Editor:
Robert Lee
Email: robert@mytechbits.com

Robert is our tech wizz. With a Degree in Computer Science he loves to research the latest technology and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in the Technology industry.