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10 Quick & Easy Tips For A Better Facebook Experience

Many individuals and small businesses have a page on Facebook, however, they do not know how to use it effectively to find, reach out, and engage with their audience. In this post, we will show you 10 quick tips about Facebook that are designed to find who your target audience are, where they are, and how to engage with them to see results – more likes, comments, shares, responses, etc.

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Here are 10 quick tips for a better Facebook experience:

  1. Post your best content at least once a week: – Not just any article though! Create something that may be interesting and relevant for your Facebook fans. How do you know? Read the “comments” section to find what your fans/followers are asking, what they want to learn more about, and what current events are trending that relate in some way to your business.
  2. Post photos and videos regularly to increase engagement: – Many experts believe that photo and video post leads to increased engagement on Facebook. So, are you sharing your best stuff regularly to your audiences? If you are not, then chances you are not engaging your audience to the max. You do not need to be a professional photographer or a videographer to create HD quality stuffs. Simply create useful and relevant visuals using your Smartphone and voila, and you will be fine. Trust us!
  3. Insert simple and nice call to action to increase conversion: – Just like in real life, people will NOT respond unless you pose them a question. This is also very true on Facebook. If you want your audience to like, share, and comment on your social media posts, ask for it and make it clear when you do. But do not come out loud and say, “Like my page”. Instead, make it nice and friendly by saying, “If you found this post helpful, please share it!” or “Like this if you think it is true.” As a result, your social engagement will sky rocket.
  4. Shake things up to keep things interesting: – Posting only text-based post makes thing dull. Use variety  – images, videos, infographics, testimonials, screen shots of earnings, jokes, surveys, links, fill in the blanks, and something totally unrelated and hilarious – to keep things interesting. For example, throw in a “Tip of the day” every week if you come across a tip to share your loyal followers. Put up a funny image and ask your audience to write funny captions. And make sure to reply to their comments and likes because they are taking their time to comment on your posts.
  5. Keep posting things that your audiences like to get strong responses: – To increase social engagement, you need to find and understand who your audiences are and what they like. Why are they on your page? It may take a while but try to figure out what they are responding to and what they are not, and keep posting things they like. We get strong response from asking for their opinion, tech tips, scam posts, controversial posts, etc.
  6. Pin your most important posts to make it look fresh throughout the day: – Pinning a post makes it always stay on top and make it always appear fresh. You can use this Facebook marketing tactics for important posts and the ones that you want others to see throughout the day. At the most, some posts stay there for at least for 5 days. As different people go on Facebook on different times, this could be one of the best ways of keeping something interesting in front of their eyes.
  7. Allow replies on your comments to seem you care: – Several things can happen if you do not respond to your followers comments, shares, likes, etc: it will make you appear uncaring to your audience, and hence, they will go to your competitor’s page instead, and you many lose another potential customer simply because you did not answer their queries. But replying to your audience should not be a big issue because Facebook allows you to reply to individual comments on your posts now. These posts are “threaded” so that you do not have to reply to everyone who has commented on that post. Moreover, the most popular threads will display at the top. So, keep engaging with your audience and do not let any questions or comments go unnoticed as you must be doing this at least few times a week, if not daily.
  8. Post the URL of your website in your “About” section: – Posting a website URL in the “About” section creates a nice call to action (CTA). This will allow your audience to go directly to your website and learn more about you.
  9. Link to other pages in your posts: – If you are going to talk about a company on your Facebook page, make sure to link to it in your posts. If they have a Facebook page, find out the URL and link back to their, and even like their page. When you do that, other people appreciate your efforts and will in return like your page. Likewise, when someone links to your pages, always follow them back and like their page as well. People appreciate that too!
  10. Use Facebook Audience Insights to connect with the ‘right’ audience: – Facebook has a useful Audience Insights tool that lets you learn about a particular audience before you put your money. The more insights you have about your customer (geography, age, gender, purchasing behaviors, etc), the better you are equipped to deliver meaningful posts to people.

Do you have any quick tips about Facebook? If you do, please comment below and share the knowledge!

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