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5 Unlikely Sources to Generate HIGH PR Backlinks

Tracking down High PR Backlinks just got a little easier

If you pay attention to SEO, you may already know that getting HIGH QULAITY “do follow” backlinks, along with some “no follow” backlinks, from variety of sources is the key to search engine optimization. The huge challenge though is finding those places to get powerful backlinks.

What do MOST people do?

They often build their backlinks from forums and blogs, which is great and we certainly recommend you include in your SEO plan as well. However, Google knows that most internet marketers are using similar SEO tactics to get their site ranked too, and hence, Google expects that you much more than just blog and forum postings to award you the highest rankings

With that said, I am going to share top non- blog/forum backlink generation sources to you.

  1. Backlinks from Lists and Directories

Many websites act as a go to resource center for people who are interested in a specific niche/topic. For example, one site may maintain a list of top dating website to visit. A backlink from these pages can provide you highly relevant and high quality backlinks.

“Backlink relevancy” is highly talked about by Google these days, and in the near future, it is assumed that relevancy is going to play a huge role is website ranking.

So, the trick is to find these high quality relevant sites fast and drop your comments to generate high quality backlinks.

Type of the following query on Google:

“add website” + “keyword phrase”

“add site” + “keyword phrase”

“add url” + “keyword phrase”

For instance, if you are building backlinks to a home and garden related site, you can search for:

“add website” + “home and garden”

Google will return a list of relevant sites that you can submit your website links to and build quick and easy backlinks to your site.

  1. Backlinks from Article Directories

Most marketers create articles for getting traffic to their site, but we can also write articles just to get backlinks.

Here is how article marketing works:

  1. You write an article and submit it to few popular article directories such as,, and
  2. You place a website link within the article (we hope that you are already doing this) and submit it to above article directories.
  3. Each article that is published becomes a backlink for your site.
  4. The more articles you publish on these articles directories, the more backlinks you build.

Many marketers have concerns about submitting duplicate content on these directories. I will tell you that there is absolutely no penalty with submitting duplicate content to all these three sites. I highly recommend you submit to Ezinearticles first because they are strictest with regard to unique content than other two.

Let us say, after following this SEO strategy, all three articles gets published on each of these three directories, and if you have 2 links in each article, your will automatically build 6 high quality backlinks to your site!

  1. Easy GOV & EDU Links

This is my most unique and favorite SEO tactics. Everyone accepts that .GOV and .EDU backlinks are highly valued when Google is deciding on your search engine rankings.

Many marketers also know “quick trick” how to find blogs and forums hosted on .GOV and .EDU domains, where they can leave their useful comments, and if approved, they can build HIGH PR backlinks to their site.

I am going to share you that “trick” to find .GOV and .EDU blogs using Google:

site: .edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “kewword phrase”

site: .gov inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “keyword phrase”

  1. Backlinks from Web 2.0 Profiles

Many Web 2.0 sites allows you to create profiles, interact with others, and provides high PR “do follow” links to sites listed in your profile. Some of the examples of these Web 2.0 sites include,, and

While creating profiles on these Web 2.0 sites, you are allowed to insert your website URL, which automatically becomes a high quality backlinks to your site (I usually create one profile for each niche I am involved in).

  1. Backlinks from Squidoo is a very popular non-blog/forum platform to build quality backlinks to your site. There are thousands of Squidoo lens where you can add your site, with customized anchor text.

Type the following query into Google to find a list of Squidoo lens where you can submit your site.


Squidoo lens has high Page Rank (PR) to influence your site’s rankings too.

To target your links for relevancy, you can append + “keywords phrase” at the end of the query above.

For example, if you were trying to rank a dating site, you would type:


Warning: Sometimes, you may come across sites asking for a reciprocal link – i.e. we will link back to you if you to us. AVOID these sites because reciprocal links are less valuable for SEO purposes. Instead, find the ones where you can add your link without having to place a reciprocal links.

Tip: Make sure to keep a database or list of all these great non-blog/forum sources/site that you find so that you do not have to search for them again the next time!

I hope that these SEO tips have helped you improve your search engine ranking and will eventually help you become a more successful Internet Marketer!

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