Evernote Food App is shutting down on September 30th

Evernote Food App was launched in 2011, initially for the iOS users and later it was available for Android users as well. The app was billed as a blend of cookbook, Instagram feed and scrapbook, with some attractive additional features. The Food App was built on the flexible Evernote based service, which let users search a collection of some good recipe blogs.

Evernote Food App is shutting down and the company wrote in a blog post regarding it:

“Food’s most popular features were clipping recipes and snapping photos of the meals. Today, our core Evernote apps and Evernote Web Clipper have evolved to do both of these things very well.”

Evernote Food App

Alternative apps to Evernote Food App:

The company said “if you enjoyed using Food app, please give Web Clipper a spin for collecting recipes and cooking inspiration” and you can also try Evernote for capturing some of your favorite meal experiences. The company’s App Center Food Collection is also featuring Evernote integrated food-centric apps (You can try them out!).

The company concluded:

“We appreciate your continued support for all of our apps. We’re confident you’ll find the features and functionality you liked best in Food in Evernote, the Web Clipper, and through our App Center integrated apps. By focusing our talents more effectively on our core products, we’re able to create the best Evernote experience for you possible.”

As of September 30th, the company will no longer support Evernote Food app for Android and iOS. So the app will no longer be available for download and the company will not be making any further updates. One of the features within the app, which includes syncing with the Evernote service, will no longer work.

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