Finally, Whatsapp Web for iPhone users is available

The desktop browser-based interface of the popular messaging app, Whatsapp Web for iPhone users is finally available.

Earlier this year WhatsApp Web was launched and at the launch the service only worked on Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Earlier, the only desktop browser that the service supported was Google Chrome, however later it added support for Opera and Mozilla Firefox on the desktop.

As of Wednesday, Whatsapp Web for iPhone users is available. Now, WhatsApp Web also works with Safari on the Mac, but some features like voice message recording and photo capturing will not be available.

According to WhatsApp, the app hit 800 million active monthly users in April; however, it lags behind rivals like KakaoTalk and WeChat in South Korea and China. Line, which is another competitor of WhatsApp is presently the first choice of people in Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

 Whatsapp Web for iPhone

Whatsapp Web for iPhone users can check the service by following steps:

If you want to check if you have access to WhatsApp Web, you need to open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap on “Settings.” If you can see “WhatsApp Web” in the Settings, then you will be able use the service on your iPhone.

You can also see which web browsers and computers are logged in to your WhatsApp Web account in the Settings menu, after activating the service. You will also be able to sync your WhatsApp messages between your mobile device, laptop and desktop using WhatsApp Web for iPhone.

It took WhatsApp nearly eight months to launch WhatsApp Web for iPhone because of the platform limitations of Apple. But, finally iPhone users can also enjoy this service. You just need to go to to access the service through a web browser, after it is rolled out to all iPhone users.

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