Google Self Driving Cars have been involved in minor accidents, but this time 4 people are injured

Earlier this month, Google Self Driving Cars were being tested on the roads of Austin for the first time outside of California, since the project started in 2009. Google Self Driving Cars have been involved in minor accidents, but this time 4 people are injured.

Some details of the accident involving Google Self Driving Cars:

This is the first accident in which the humans have been injured, when a car rear-ended a stationary self-driving car at 17 mph, causing minor injuries to people in both vehicles. Yesterday, Google revealed that its three employees were taken to hospital, who had been riding in one of its self driving Lexus cars in Mountain View, California.

The driver of the car that crashed into a driverless car had some minor neck and back pain. The rear bumper of the self driving Lexus was slightly damaged, while the car that crashed into it lost its front bumper

Chris Urmson, Head of Google’s Self Driving Cars Program, wrote in a blog post “Our self-driving cars are being hit surprisingly often by other drivers who are distracted and not paying attention to the road. That’s a big motivator for us. The most recent collision… is a perfect example.”

Google self driving cars have now been involved in 14 minor accidents within six years and all of them were caused by human driven cars crashing into them. Google said that in 11 of the 14 accidents, its self driving car was rear-ended and even a super safe robot auto cannot be programmed against it. Google Self Driving Cars have been tested for around 2 million miles and have not been involved in any major accident, which is quite an accomplishment.

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