Group Invites Women in STEM Careers

Group Invites Women in STEM Careers

A group invites girls to discover science and technology careers.

In Oshkosh, the UW Oshkosh and the American University Women are encouraging girls to become tech savvy.  The school had a special Saturday class in exploring in demand and high paying careers that women might have been overlooking.

The Technology savvy event wanted to see more women in the math and science industry. A member of the American Association of University Women Stephanie Malaney stated that they brought in more young women to doing their presentation because they knew that they could relate better to people almost their age.

In addition, the girls were given the chance to talk to recruiters and to understand classes they should take before applying to universities. Kara Cowell said that it was cool to look at various colleges and exploring where they might want to go.

While women are the 47 percent of the workforce, they are not presented in STEM well (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, according to the figures at the Department of Labor (2013). In computer programming, 23 percent of programmers are women, outnumbered by men making 77 percent of it.

The big difference is made more obvious in the software development field, where women compose only 19.7 percent while men dominate it at 80.3 percent.

One reason, according to Malaney, was that girls were discouraged from liking math and science, so they were not involved in STEM jobs.

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