Hairware Sends Text Messages From Your Hair Extensions

Taking Wearable Technology to the next level, Hairware combines beauty and tech into one product

“The conscious use of unconscious auto-contact behaviors,” is the tagline of the hottest new wearable technology called Hairware. The wearable device translates hair-related gestures into common messaging means.

The specially designed hair extensions recognize certain user based behaviors that are not readily noticeable to most. The hair extensions are chemically metalized which enable electrical conductivity. The extensions are then touch sensitive, letting the user perform various tasks with different touches. Algorithms are used to interpret the persons commands and then do things like text message, record conversations and take pictures with their cell phone, all based on where the user touches the hair extension.

This ingenious product is the brain child of Katia Vega, a beauty tech designer  who worked with Marcio Cunha, and IoT Specialist. Their goal was to create various women’s hair extensions with futuristic capabilities. Every day women’s hair gestures now become digital messages; i.e. twirling the hair will take a selfie or stroking the hair will post your location to Facebook.

Although the idea may seem a bit silly at first, there are very practical applications for the digital locks. One example proposed is a situation a woman might be in, like a first date, where Hairware could send a text message to a friend or family member without having to take out her phone. One a more professional level, Hairware could be used in business meetings to record notes or set up calendar reminders.

Various situations will play out in time where people find more uses for the extensions. Katia is so confident that the product will take off that she is also working on a men’s version for beards.

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