Is the Google Timeful App a Timely Addition?

Is the Google Timeful App a Timely Addition?

Google added in their ranks its 4th to-do list app, Timeful, an app that is supposed to understand your schedule, needs, and even habits. Google added that it also works on your Calendar, Inbox, and other Google applications.

The Timeful system makes sure that the user gets it done basing on its understanding of the user’s schedule and priorities. Users can inform Timeful regarding their exercise weekly schedule, or even financial obligations like bank payments.

The difference between Timeful and the other 3 to-do list apps that Google offers is that it basically wants to understand the user’s everyday schedule and habits. The app will be available for both Android and iOS systems. This is to essentially broadly integrate the app’s management technology into Google’s current app suite.

Google Tasks will still be integrated with Gmail and stealthy, Google’s other to-do list app organizer available. Google Reminders have the feature that it can be added through the Search and Calendar of the Inbox, but offers no central hub.

Though everything else will rather remain static from Google, the new addition may either help or break Google’s overall system. The big question now is, will the addition of the Timeful app tie Google’s system altogether with its machine learning technology, or will it be just be a new option within the company’s increasingly splintered ecosystem?

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