Java Programmers Competition: SHOW ME YOUR SPEED! $500.000 cash prizes

We are already convinced that there are many gifted programmers and ingenious hackers.
    Now we want to know who the fastest and most flexible are.
After all, we are in the century of speed:

TIME = $

Next Hacker: International Programming Player Competition, February 26 & 27, 2016 in Berlin, Germany, the 2016 IPPC promises an exciting two days of intriguing events and programming competitions featuring 3,000 of the world’s best up and coming developers and programmers in an extreme and exciting skill competition.

IPPC’s main event is where the true competition really begins and everyone can be a winner in the Xtrem Programming Competition Speed & Skill Challenge. $500,000.00 cash prize they await the winners. This multi-stage challenge starts with each programmer having to successfully find and fix errors in three random Java programs.  Once that phase is completed, the programmer needs to achieve a score of 150,000 points in a single Classic Pac-Man game.  Once both tasks are completed, the fastest programmers win a share of the cash pool.  In addition, contestants’ contest performance information will be made available for all Companys.

The 2016 International Programming Player Competition will also offer technical sessions on programming, an open panel discussion with renowned hackers and programmers, and the opportunity for the world’s top programmers to be exposed to and meet leading high tech companies from around the globe.  The two day IPPC is open to programmers worldwide and space is filling up rapidly. All the money from our sponsors and advertisements that will be gathered will increase the winner’s number.

About Next Hacker IPPS
Next Hacker IPPS LDT is a worldwide group of like-minded computer programmers.  Their mission is to organize and host international programming events that connect talented programmers with corporations. The team specializes in planning and producing high quality competitive programming events.

We live and breathe inspiring events, we love them, and it’s all we do.

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