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Kickstarter finally adds PS4 physical copy for Shenmue 3

Announced during Sony’s E3 press conference, Shenmue 3 received more than $2 million in pledges within 24 hours. It was the fastest game to reach $1 million in pledges on Kickstarter. It has since been revealed that two more sequels of Shenmue could be followed, while the original game could get HD remakes. Now, Kickstarter finally adds PS4 physical copy for Shenmue 3.

Shenmue 3 PS4 physical copy confirmed by its developer

Ys Net, Shenmue 3 developer has confirmed the news on Kickstarter that backers could secure a PS 4 physical copy for Shenmue 3 by pledging $60 or more. All backers pledging for a $60 or more will have the option to choose a physical PS4 copy. Once the Kickstarter finishes a survey will be sent out to backers in $60+ tiers to confirm their platform choice from the following:

1. Shenmue 3 PS4 Physical Copy
2. Windows PC Physical Copy
3. Windows PC Digital Copy
4. PS4 Digital Copy.

The development team will send out a survey to backers after the Kickstarter ends the campaign later this month. Backers will receive only one copy of the Shenmue 3 on one platform, excluding the trial version.

The Kickstarter update reads “This is one of the most requested items on the list, and we are very happy to be able to include the Shenmue 3 PS4 Kickstarter Backer’s Edition as a Reward. If you are a Shenmue fan and PS4 gamer, this is the reward to have to commemorate the occasion!”

Kickstarter finally adds PS4 physical copy for Shenmue 3, if the PlayStation fans were previously holding off on backing due to only digital downloads, they can still do so because the campaign is open till July 17th. Shenmue 3 is set to arrive in December 2017.

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