Luxury Carbon Fiber

“The Modern Gentleman” is thriving in San Diego when it comes to men’s accessories (or necessities depending on who you ask) thanks to a relatively new company with a unique take on the term “luxury”.  Based in San Diego, CA Luxury Carbon Fiber manufactures their products using genuine American Carbon Fiber and American sourced raw materials.  Carbon Fiber is a composite material that is famous for its lightweight and incredible strength; which is why luxury auto makers such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, and more all utilize Carbon Fiber.  The luxury auto industry is not the only industry to take notice of Carbon Fiber as a choice material from aviation and aerospace to designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Chanel, Hubolt, Gucci, leaving us to believe Carbon Fiber is here to stay. 

Luxury Carbon Fiber
Luxury Carbon Fiber

The Luxury Carbon Fiber business model is based around their take on what a luxury product is. The team behind Luxury Carbon Fiber believes a luxury product should be made with the best quality materials available and each item being crafted by hand.  Between the actual manufacturing process and the rigorous QA standards their idea of what makes a luxury product is clear: Elaborate materials and the respect of the customer’s hard earned money. Not everyone can buy a luxury car but with these men’s accessories you can have a piece of that lifestyle.  When you pull out your Carbon Fiber Money Clip the founders of Luxury Carbon Fiber hope you will continue to be inspired to follow your dreams of success.  You will never see their brand self-promoting on their products because they believe that their customers are their own brand and individuality is much more credible than a “faceless/imported/mass produced brand name”.  Luxury Carbon Fiber targets men who define their own success without the need for a brand to develop a status, they want their customers to be their own brand but in a world full of branding and status will this business model work?

Luxury Carbon Fiber is growing fast and already has many imitators but as of now no duplicators. If you’re wondering what the difference in their products VS competitors the first thing you will notice is the type of Carbon Fiber material; Luxury Carbon Fiber uses 6k as their primary fabric including for reinforcements and the competitors use the cheaper 3k with Fiberglass being used as a reinforcement . Luxury Carbon Fiber promises with their business model to keep the quality standards at the highest level possible and will not sacrifice quality to save costs. According to the Luxury Carbon Fiber team the competition is not there due to their business having the core values of the business are based around respect and appreciation of the customer’s money.  With the customer in mind Luxury Carbon Fiber creates a high quality product that is unlike anything else.   

Luxury Carbon Fiber is currently running a Kickstarter 2,0 campaign ( offering their Carbon Fiber Money Clips at below wholesale pricing with the clips set to be shipped and delivered to customers before the holidays. Because Luxury Carbon Fiber is growing fast they wanted to be able to offer affordable products before the holidays as a way of thanking the customers who have supported their labor of love in creating their vision of what a luxury product should be.  Perhaps the most interesting spin to their crowdfunding campaign is how they’re targeting backers. According to their Instagram via twitter ( “So we are going to try something new…Instead of buying targeted AdWords Campaigns from social media outlets, we want to invest that money directly into our supporters! Help us promote our campaign and for every money clip that is purchased via you we will give you $1.00 or your choice of free products once the project ends! Direct Message me for details and for your custom trackable URL”. With the holidays right around the corner this is a good opportunity to get some awesome gifts for a really good price.

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