Month of May Will Be a New Hosting Career for FB

Month of May Will Be a New Hosting Career for FB

According to the prestigious The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Facebook may be having a new hosting career this month of May as FB has been brewing this project since March. The new feature will be called “Instant Articles” that will fully cover articles and videos of the National Geographic, Buzzfeed, and The New York Times.

Based on reports the social network is offering news organizations some special advertisement models, which will maximize their earning potentials, enticing them to sign up. Proposals even include publishers keeping 100% of their ad earnings, which they themselves sell, and 70% of the revenues that FB advertises for them.

Sources say that FB is not after the earnings since this arrangement has never been designed to earn money for the company, instead a tactic in getting people to stay on the site longer. FB is now hoping that users would prefer staying on the site to read posts and watch videos through its news feeds.

Despite the other, some publishers are not too profound on being integrated with the social network tightly. The publishers do not prefer allowing or having the social network, having control over their content, thus, they would not have access to their readers’ information. WSJ says the social network is still in the middle of closing the agreement with its 3 launch partners, so that the new feature will debut to a much closer date.

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