Now Hikers can upload their Selfie with Free Wifi on Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the Japan’s most iconic landmarks and every year a lot of hikers go for trekking there. Now Hikers can upload their Selfie with Free Wifi on Mount Fuji, as the Japanese government is installing free Wifi hotspots in a hope to promote its tourism.

Who will install free Wifi on Mount Fuji?

The Japanese government is working with regional officials and a Japanese telecom giant NTT Docomo to set up eight free Wifi hotspots on the Mount Fuji, including the three cottages on the summit for climbers who must first take a selfie before taking in the view. There are some other benefits to have internet access while climbing the mountain, which includes looking at weather reports and having the ability to call for help if a situation comes.

According to a report, installing free Wi-Fi on Mount Fuji is aimed at encouraging tourists from the U.S and Europe to share their Mount Fuji experiences through social media. The number of tourists visiting the 12,388-foot mountain has been increasing over the past few years, with between 40,000 and 50,000 hikers reportedly making their way along the Yoshidaguchi course last year.

Presently, The US national parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite offer wifi, but only at the lodges. Canada announced in 2014 that they are planning to install Wi-Fi in up to 20 locations in its national parks. Free Wifi on Mount Fuji will be available later this summer and tourists will receive a password for using Wifi when they will reach there and will be able to use the Wifi for 72 hours after their first login. To create awareness of the WiFi hotspots, local officials are also planning to hand out as many as 70,000 brochures to hikers to give them instructions on how to use the Free Wifi.

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