Polaroid new Snap camera instantly print photos without ink

Polaroid new Snap camera can instantly print photos without ink and is creating a buzz in the market even before its launch. The company is well known for its instant-film cameras that used a polarizing filter.

Earlier, Polaroid has released instant photo printing cameras, like the Z2300 using ink-free Zink paper technology, but they were all expensive and bulky. Also the quality of the printed photo was pretty crappy even though they had the same resolution as the Snap.

Polaroid new Snap camera

Specs of Polaroid new Snap camera:

The new camera by Polaroid comes with a 10-megapixel sensor, which is positioned behind the small lens of a camera. The camera doesn’t come with an LCD screen on the back (It may be annoying for some people.) A few buttons are positioned on the top of the camera, which allow the user to set the timer, choose a color mode or use the “photo booth” mode to take a series of shots.

Polaroid new Snap camera has a built-in Zink printer to print out the images on the right side of the unit, whose dimensions are 2×3 inches. The time to print one photo is said to be less than one minute.

How Snap camera instantly print photos without ink?

The ink-free Zink Paper, which is used in the camera, is an advanced blend of materials containing heat-activated polymer overcoat and dye crystals (these are colorized by the polymer used.) Due to all these changes, the images printed are of high quality, durable and smudge-free.

What is the cost of a new camera by Polaroid?

Users are also given the option to copy the images from the memory card to share it on the internet. If you are interested in buying Polaroid new Snap Camera, then you will have to pay $99. The cost of printing paper is around 50 cents per shot, which is quite reasonable. It will be available by the year end.

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