With the Snapchat new update that brings Travel Mode, consumption of users’ mobile data will be reduced

The Snapchat new update is bringing good news for users who do not want to spend a lot on data plans. The application now has a feature called Travel Mode, which will solve the problem of high consumption of mobile data.

The Snapchat new update is also bringing many other new features for Android and iOS users apart from the Travel Mode. Now users can add as many emojis to their snaps as they want with a feature called Sticker Picker, and place them separately instead of adding them as a single string of text.

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“The eye button for jumping from your Story to who watched it” is also returning after a short break, as reported by Techcrunch. Now users will also be able to download and export their profile GIF as a video rather than just a photo of the first frame. Since the Snapcodes export as video files, users will be able to share it as such on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Snapchat new update will save a lot of mobile data:

Like many of the messaging apps, the snapchat app also consumes a lot of mobile data. However, now when the Snapchat Travel mode is active, it will turn off snaps from automatically downloading the snaps (Discover, Live Stories and updates from friends.) In this mode all snaps have to be tapped by the user to load them, instead of loading automatically when users open the app.

Snapchat new update

To enable Travel mode, users need to tap the snapchat icon on top of the camera, then navigate to settings and open the Manage Additional services option and then toggle it on. The Snapchat new update will save a lot of mobile data for users as earlier the Snaps were downloaded automatically.

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