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Solar Impulse 2 makes Longest Solo Flight Record in the World

Solar Impulse 2 makes longest solo flight record in the world, while flying from Japan to Hawaii on the seventh leg of its journey. While crossing the Pacific, it has broken the longest solo-flight record of 76 hours set by American Steve Fosset in 2006 on board the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer.

Solar Impulse 2 is the second of its kind solar plane, which is powered solely by batteries that recharges itself only by solar energy. It is built to move across the globe, spreading environmental awareness in its wake. Its forerunner, the original Solar Impulse, flew over the United States in 2013.

What did Company official say after Solar Impulse 2 makes longest solo flight record in the world?

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman and Co-Pilot of Solar Impulse, said in a statement “Can you imagine that a solar powered airplane without fuel can now fly longer than a jet plane! This is a clear message that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals.”

Andre Borschberg, Pilot of the Solar Impulse 2, has now been aloft for more than 80 hours without touching down or refuelling. The Solar Impulse officials said that veteran Swiss pilot Borschberg is exhausted after four days of continuous flying, making the final 24 hours of flight strenuous.

Solar Impulse 2 which broke the longest Solo Flight Record in the World is expected to reach its destination, i.e. Kalaeloa, Hawaii, most probably by today. When it will reach its destination, there are some strict constraints in place to make sure that the plane’s 72-meter wingspan is able to touch down safely and there should be a maximum crosswind of 4 knots.

Solar Impulse 2 makes longest solo flight record in the world, but still the flight is not over yet. By the time Solar Impulse 2 will complete its flight, it would have completed around 120 hours in the air, strapped to a seat and having hardly slept in days. Before departure, Borschberg received hypnosis and meditation training to help him maintain his concentration.

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