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Asus has not yet revealed when the ZenBook 3 will be available

In 2015, when Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook, it instantly became a benchmark for ultra-light computers. But now it has gotten yet another competitor – Asus’s new ultraportable ZenBook 3, that’s lighter and  thinner than the MacBook, but more powerful and with a slightly large screen. Key Specifications of ZenBook

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New Apple Macbook 2015

The new MacBook is the laptop of the future but is it really worth it? Let’s find out. The basic question that everyone is asking revolves around many variables; the new MacBook has one USB-C port which takes care of the power, data input and output, display connections and accessories.

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Apple MacBook USB-C in 3 Colors

Apple has introduced their latest MacBook and users will not need any wires or cables because this new laptop has 2 ports. This is the thinnest and the lightest laptop made by Apple. The features were expertly streamlined by Apple engineers to produce a product that is “convenient”. The body

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