Apple’s Latest MacBook

Apple MacBook USB-C in 3 Colors

Apple has introduced their latest MacBook and users will not need any wires or cables because this new laptop has 2 ports. This is the thinnest and the lightest laptop made by Apple. The features were expertly streamlined by Apple engineers to produce a product that is “convenient”.

The body is similar to the MacBook Air but its 24% thinner. The new MacBook is 12.1 inches and 13.1mm high. Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president says that it’s hard to see it, it’s so thin when closed. The laptop weighs less than 1 pound when compared with the previous version which was 2.5 pounds.

The new MacBook comes in 3 different colors, Gold, silver and gray and taken a page from the previous MacBook Air. The new MacBook doesn’t have a fan and that is also the reason why the laptop is so thin because the fan takes up the lot of space.

The new MacBook only has two ports, Apple has introduced a new kind of USB port called the USB-C and it is smaller than the average USB port and serves as the sole point for charging batteries, downloading videos and data. The second port is for the headphone only. This new feature maybe a source of inconvenience for many Apple users because of the 2 ports, to buy another port, the users will have to buy them for $80 from the Apple store.

Apple has also used a new design for the keyboard that extends to the edges of the laptop and users can type will lesser pounding since the keyboard is touch sensitive.

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