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Netflix launches, its own speed test website

Netflix is obsessed with speed (for obvious reasons) and quality of your internet connection.To help you check how your connection is doing, it has launched on Wednesday, a trademarked web page that loads and runs a speed test without user intervention. And yes, this isn’t any old website. The

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Control Video Quality with Netflix’s New Mobile Data-Saving Feature

If you have a habit of binging on Netflix, then you’ve got to be very careful about where and when you watch Netflix. Because Netflix doesn’t allow you to download shows to take with you so whenever you’re watching, you’re streaming. And all this can run up your data charges

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Netflix admits to restrict video quality for AT&T and Verizon users

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Netflix admits that it had been limiting the video quality for AT&T and Verizon users for more than five years. The media streaming company also said that it doesn’t throttle video quality for Sprint and T-Mobile users because they had more

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Playstation: Powers
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On Tuesday, Sony debuted “Powers” the first ever live action series which is scripted. This is a show where gamers can actually play, its engaging and there is a big market for this sort of game says Sony. The game is based on a 10 part series and Sony intends

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