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PlayStation’s Originals: A new Channel by the Entertainment Gaint

Playstation: Powers

On Tuesday, Sony debuted “Powers” the first ever live action series which is scripted. This is a show where gamers can actually play, its engaging and there is a big market for this sort of game says Sony.

The game is based on a 10 part series and Sony intends to release the first 3 episodes. Anyone can watch it on any web browser for $2.99 HD/$1.99 SD per episode. The key for Sony is original content, and many think that this would make a nice additive. Sony will be looking to increase their members by collaborating with Amazon and Netflix.

At the moment Sony has 10.9 million PlayStation subscribers worldwide and Sony is looking for more. Sony sold 20.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles since 2013. Right now Sony is reviewing the metrics for “powers” and may announce additional programs.

Powers is basically a graphic novel with a super hero and a dark and twisted story line. It merges with the modern trends and different cults of personalities. In the story, the heroes are known in reality and are in the news all the time like celebrities.

The main character in the show is a cop which is played by Sharlto Copley, he is stripped of his super powers and looking to get them back. Some people think that is similar to PlayStations God of War series where players initially play as Kratos at full power and then he is stripped of his powers.

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