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Splatoon amiibos of Squid Sisters will feature "delicious detail," "tasty textures," and "savory sparkles"
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After bringing Splatoon accessories to Miitomo, Nintendo took to Twitter to announce that it’s adding Callie and Marie to its lineup of Splatoon amiibos series on July 8, 2016, along with new colors of Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid amiibo figures. The Squid Sisters will feature “delicious detail,” tasty

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First mobile app, Miitomo from Nintendo

Nintendo has changed the way we communicate with our friends by launching Miitomo, the cute social media app. And now, it’s bringing Splatoon accessories to Miitomo to make it more fun and interesting. In Miitomo, you create a tiny virtual version of yourself called Mii and connect with friends to

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Will Splatoon Be Able to Boost Wii U’s Sales Performance?
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Nintendo has a brand new game called Splatoon. It is invented to be paintball-esque shooter game for Nintendo’s Wii U. It is also reported that the game would possibly be officially unveiled this summer. In the best mode of Splatoon, the player would group together with three more players. This

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