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Will Splatoon Be Able to Boost Wii U’s Sales Performance?

Will Splatoon Be Able to Boost Wii U’s Sales Performance?

Nintendo has a brand new game called Splatoon. It is invented to be paintball-esque shooter game for Nintendo’s Wii U. It is also reported that the game would possibly be officially unveiled this summer.

In the best mode of Splatoon, the player would group together with three more players. This would be for the 4v4 showdown of the game. The objective of the game is to penetrate territories in the map. To cover territories, your team color should be on that certain territory.

O, how can you color a territory with your team color? Well, you will be provided with a weapon that shoots paint (of course, the paint’s color is your team’s color). The weapon will also have a special attack called the paint bomb. With the weapon, it is possible for you to attack or shoot players from another team in order to send them back to the respawn point of their team.

The game play of Splatoon is really interesting. Nonetheless, there is a downside of the game. It looks too cartoonish. However, if players could just tolerate it, then there is no doubt that they will certainly hooked with the brand new game.

If Splatoon succeed, there is no doubt that it can also boost the sales of Wii U. It is still yet to find out whether Splatoon will be a big hit or not.

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