The Gold Comes To You: Mario Brondo Is Bringing It

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Mario BrondoMexico City, MX.
Mario Brondo, the Mexican artist and filmmaker announces a new series of artworks that will reach the public in 2016. The series is bases on the double relationship that gold holds both with death, and with the divine and the permanent.

“The series The Gold comes to You is one of my post passionate projects, it even makes an important shift in the way I conceive and show art, giving a lot of importance both to space and physical intervention, given that my former work is essentially centered on video.

Coming from the world of cinema, Mario Brondo started his career in contemporary arts in 2007, and has participated in important art shows and film festivals internationally.

“During some time, I have centered exclusively to the making of film and art projects, most of the time with a heavy work load. Some of them have been done simultaneously. I´ve prefered to dedicate myself to develop a solid artistic body, more than to diffuse my work. In 2015, they have had an excellent reception, mainly in the European art market.”

The Gold comes to You is a series that includes works of many techniques that clearly denote Brondo´s talent. Among them, we find pictures, a computer generated video, and several objects covered in 24K gold, among which we can highlight a series of 10 gold-plated Kalashnikov bullets.

“I have always felt an unbearable desire to plastify things, of turning certain objects into Art, by the only means of covering them, hence taking them out of their context to give them a new meaning. Covering things with 24 carat gold is maybe the only way to partially fulfill that obsession of mine.”

The works in this series correlate both plastically and narrarively. That way, Mario Brondo guides us through a discourse that begins with the causes of death, such as weapons and racism, following with works that denote biological death, to finally attain the anticlimax conclusion of the video work The Gold Comes to You, in which we can see a looped golden sea that evocates the eternal, the dead: tranquility and the terrific void. In the end, hell; but a beautiful one…

After the series Villa Cisneros, 8 channel video shot in the Western Sahara, Brondo´s work has seen a substantial change with the addition of war, death, and present world issues topics.

At this moment, the artist is in talks with galleries and art spaces, to define which is best suitable to show and eventually represent the works in this series.

More information can be found in the artist´s official website at http://brondo.co .

Mario Brondo is a mexican artist born in 1982. He has produced and shown his work in art shows and film festivals in several countries. His work is an intelligent mix between traditional cinema and contemporary art. He lives and works in Mexico City, where he produces films, video, and art.

website: http://brondo.co
+52 1 5510817897

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