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Top 31 Best Free Cloud Storage Services for 2015 – Part 2

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If you need to build a strong and secure online storage, you could either choose a dedicated hosting service or cloud storage.

While dedicated server hosting seems a feasible online storage option for many businesses, however, the cost of setting up and maintaining them could be quite expensive. Plus, you will be paying for services you will not be using. Not to mention, you have to look after these facility yourself.

Cloud services, on the other hand, allow businesses a comprehensive and simple to use online storage option. You could upload files using a simple desktop program, or through your browser, or through any of your Android or iOS powered smart phones.

The files and folders you share and upload can be protected using passwords. Plus, syncing software makes sure all files are updated and synced to remove redundancy.

In addition, you get huge amount of cloud storage space for free.

If you missed yesterday’s post – – please go through it because you get more space there and better cloud storage options and facilities.

In today’s post (part two), we will cover additional 10 free best cloud storage services for 2015.

Make sure to refer to your friend to get extra space for free!

Top 31 Best Free Cloud Storage Services for 2015 – Part Two:

ADrive cloud hosting
ADrive cloud hosting
  1. ADrive: –

Any new user of ADrive is given a whopping 50 GB of free cloud storage.

Using the ADrive, any user can upload their files and folders, including their remote files by entering the direct URL to the file.

Mobile app for iOS and Android smart phones can be used to view as well as share your files on ADrive account and upload local data to your account.

hubiC cloud hosting
hubiC cloud hosting
  1. hubiC: –

Get at least 25 GB of file storage over the sky with absolutely no cost with hubiC. To upload files, Windows, Linux, and Mac users can use a desktop client, or use their browser. There’s also a mobile app that allows to upload files using iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

As a hubiC user, you can share your files and folders with anyone, even if they are non-hubiC users. However, they must be set to work for only 5, 10, or 30 days after which the link expires.

Users can share a folder containing multiple files, and visitors can download many files simultaneously using a ‘.zip’ format file.

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PromptFile cloud hosting
PromptFile cloud hosting
  1. PromptFile

PromptFile is a very simple website that is not overloaded with too many fancy features, but it does offer a whopping 250 GB of free cloud storage space with absolute no upload/download limits.

File size up to 5 GB can be uploaded via your computer, over FTP, and even from a remote URL. The file type can be anything. You can also share your files (not folders) with users who are non-members at PromptFile. Furthermore, guest users can stream music and videos without having to download them on the local hard drive.

At PromptFile, the drag-and-drop feature is not supported, so unless you use the “cut/paste” function, you cannot move files into folder. Also, we were not able to create folders using FTP.

You can also use PromptFile without registering, however, there’s a huge restrictions regarding the file size and hosting limits.

If you were looking for a free cloud storage services to store very important files, look elsewhere. PromptFile is not for you!

SFShare cloud hosting
SFShare cloud hosting
  1. SFShare: –

Become a free member at SFShare and get up to 50 GB of free cloud storage.

Although you can only upload one file at a time with SFShare, you do get the option to protect your files with password before adding them to your account.

In addition, files can be uploaded via web browser.

Folder sharing is not allowed at SFShare, and shared files need a waiting period before the download link becomes active.

Google Drive cloud hosting
Google Drive cloud hosting
  1. Google Drive: –

Google Drive, the free cloud storage service offered by Google, offers 15 GB of free space to each new user. This space is actually shared with other Google services, such as Gmail and Google+ Photos. However, if you do not use other services, you can use almost all the space for cloud storage.

Windows and Mac users can install a desktop client to upload files and folders. Likewise, a mobile app for Android and iOS users is available to upload photos and videos to Google Drive.

Files and folders can be shared with other Google users using their email address or with anyone with a public link. You can also make a file view-only, which protects it against unauthorized downloads.

Google Drive makes collaboration VERY simple by letting others comment and open a file, and grant access to files to multiple users at a time.

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OziBox cloud hosting
OziBox cloud hosting
  1. OziBox: –

OziBox offers a 10 GB of free cloud storage space to its users.

A sync program is available for Window users that have a handy status window displaying the progress bar, the file size, and the upload speed of the files or anything that is currently being uploaded.

In addition, users can set the upload ‘priority’ for each file so that files that are more important are uploaded first before the rest.

The drag-n-drop feature allows you to drop files and folders directly into your OziBox folder via your PC, or files can be uploaded through a browser for other OS.

Mobile apps are also available for Android devices. Data can be shared only if the recipient is already a registered user.

Mightyupload cloud hosting
Mightyupload cloud hosting
  1. Mightyupload: –

You can upload as many files they want (no bigger than 4 GB at a time) to Mightyupload, and every file and folder you create are available to the public through your profile.

Both FTP and URL uploads are supported as well as the usual browser uploads via your computer.

Though you do not need to be a registered user to use Mightyupload, however, it makes the task even simpler if you do. Non-users can only upload up to 10 files at a time, while registered users can send 25.

Note: Files that does not get at least a view/download for 30 days will expire from Mightyupload.

Jumpshare cloud hosting
Jumpshare cloud hosting
  1. Jumpshare: –

Sign up to get 2 GB storage on Jumpshare. You can upload over 200 types of files to Jumpshare, and if you refer the free cloud storage service to your friends, you can receive up to 18 GB for free!

Mac and Windows users are able to download a desktop program to easily share files using its simple to use drag-and-drop facility.

Slash//Drive cloud hosting
Slash//Drive cloud hosting
  1. Slash//Drive: –

You receive up to 10 GB free cloud storage space at Slash//Drive, but that does not mean you can upload all files types. Over 20 different types of files are allowed to be sent to Slash//Drive, including DOC, BMP, MP3, PNG, and WAV. Zip folders and EXE files are not allowed!

Files can be uploaded through a URL which can be viewed by anyone who has a direct link. However, no desktop client is available for uploads.

Copy cloud hosting
Copy cloud hosting
  1. Copy: –

Get up to 15 GB of cloud storage for free at Copy and share files without creating an account. And for every successful referral you make, you get additional 5 GB of space.

You can download a desktop program for the Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Mobile app is also available for Windows, Android, and iOS phone users for uploading photos and videos directly to their Copy account. Mobile app is similar to web and desktop client in terms of creating new folders, viewing uploaded files, and sharing files and folders with other, even with non-users of Copy.

The mobile as well as the web version of Copy is very simple to use.

You can also transfer files to other online cloud storage service providers such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

This was the part 2 of the top 30 best free cloud storage services for 2015. If you missed the first part, or would like to check out our third and final part, please click the links below.

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