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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid In the Cloud

The cloud is certainly the industry’s “buzzword” that comes with unlimited storage and a low-maintenance IT infrastructure. As might have expected, with the newest technology comes all the hypes associated with it – its slices and dices, so to speak.

The cloud is like a floor wax, and a dessert topping.

So, before you make any long-term commitment that involves you critical data, make sure you understand all the pitfalls.

Avoid these top 5 mistakes before you sign up in any one of the top cloud storage services:

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Mistake #1: – Thinking that you are 100% secure on cloud

Just because it is “cloud” does not mean it is secure. Whether you are using a ‘private’ or ‘public’ cloud for your storage and other needs, do not assume the cloud you are considering is immune to unauthorized access, hacks, and other security breach. Make sure you do your research properly: Ask the company if they offer 2-factor authentication services, industry-standard physical security protection mechanisms, or strong encryption support.

Mistake #2: Storage plan based solely on cloud storage

If you are storing all your information on a single backup format, such as the cloud storage plan, you are running under a serious physical threat – from flood, hurricane, or equipment failure. However, when you support your cloud service with cost-efficient storage solutions such as tape storage, not only you are backing up huge amounts of data, but also doing it offline, which means it will be isolated from potential physical disasters.

Mistake #3: Not giving adequate bandwidth to your network

Would you build a castle only to leave the driveway full of potholes and unpaved? That is what you are doing when you do not give enough network bandwidth to your cloud space to pump data. The end result would be that you would find yourself stuck with a bottleneck while performing a sizable data restore. To avoid this commonly made cloud mistakes, make sure to co-ordinate your cloud planning efforts with your IT team. They might even show you how to utilize your storage capacity on cloud efficiently.

Mistake #4: Rushing in to buy cloud storage

Instead of giving in to external or internal pressure on making cloud-storage your choice, take your time to decide whether it is viable solution for you and your organization. Once you make a commitment, it would be very difficult go back.

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Mistake #5: Failing to Monitor the Performance

It would be extremely easy to sign up for a cloud service and not give a second thought to your judgment – and most businesses will not, we realized. However, failing to monitor how your cloud is performing could mean problems in the coming days.

As your company grows with profits or contracts due to losses, the amount of data you will store in the cloud will change, as expected. Though your original choice of cloud-storage plan may fulfill your changing needs, it may not be your best option any longer.

In order to avoid this cloud storage pitfall, regularly keep track of how your cloud storage requirements are changing with times, and if any major changes are needed, make sure to re-examine your cloud service to ensure you are always be getting the best service for your organization.

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No matter which storage path you choose, you will get better results if you do your due diligence (homework), co-ordinate your efforts with your IT team, and understand what move to the cloud would mean to your data as well as your business, both now and in the future.

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