Want To Own A 24-karat Gold HTC One M9?

HTC announced that they plan to give away a limited edition 24-karat Gold HTC One M9 tomorrow

Only one of these precious 24-karat Gold HTC One M9’s have been made and HTC plans to give it away to the winner of its Golden Ticket competition. The limited edition phone was made in honor of the end of the UEFA Champions League season and the Champions League final.

So far HTC has not talked about making addition 24-karat gold phones, since no price for the phone has been released.

Its assumed that HTC made the 24-karat gold M9 as to not be outdone by Apples latest watch, which was instead made out of 18-karat gold, and had the reasonable price tag of just $10,000.

24-karat Gold HTC One M9
24-karat Gold HTC One M9
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