Why Is WordPress Website Security Important?

It is quite alarming to receive an email regarding an unauthorized attempt to login to your WordPress account or any online account whatsoever. Security of a website built on WordPress is becoming a big concern these days. This article tells you everything that you need to know about fully securing your WordPress account/website. Keeping your personal, financial and other important data secure is highly important. Many websites have been built on WordPress platform due to its user-friendly features available online and its popularity. A fortifying web security plan has become a very significant factor in setting up your online presence.

Lock up your WordPress Website now!

WordPress is one of the most widely used open source scripts. It is operated by the WordPress Foundation. When a threat arises, the web security guys get in contact with the lead developers and then millions of the sites of WordPress are auto updated. The company takes these measures and then makes a public disclosure.

WordPress has crossed the barrier of its 25% global market share and is still increasing. The cybersecurity team at WordPress has taken utmost care to do the needful with continuous upgrades. Panama Papers leak was one of the leaks that got highly viral. It was due to an outdated Plugin. This is the reason that updating the secure servers and Plugin is highly important to keep the hackers at bay.

Close to 76% of the users of WordPress does not have a backup of their WordPress site. In case of their website going down, about 67% of them would be ready to give up on tonnes of money to get it back online. These facts have put a pressure on the people at WordPress Foundation to work towards making their websites highly secure. A large percentage of users of WordPress are not much tech savvy that they can take care of their website’s security.

Googling these problems does not land the users anywhere and they end up becoming more and more confused. Users generally ask the following questions-

  • What Plugin should they use for security?
  • Should SSL be used or not?
  • Which web host is accurate for a website?

It would not be completely wrong to say that WordPress requires high cybersecurity for all its websites built on this platform. Consider an online or phone casino, the personal and financial data of players can be misused. Whereas WordPress has all the website data of a player, which may be personal or financial. So, security becomes a thing of highest priority.

So, if you are not as tech savvy to take care of your WordPress websites, the company has got your back. With continuous Plugin upgrades and a dedicated security team, the company makes sure that your website is as secure as payment methods. So, pull your socks up and continue with one of the best open source scripts. Make sure to regularly update the Plugins and you might set the hackers teeth on edge.

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