Links and Photos won’t Count in Twitter’s 140-Character Limit Anymore

Twitter is not willing to extend its notorious 140 character limit, however the social network is reportedly going to allow its users to make better use of those characters.

Earlier this year, CEO Jack Dorsey was adamant about the limit and that it should not be lifted as it’s a good constraint for the website.

But now, Twitter plans to change how links and embedded photos count to that number.

What is new about about Twitter’s 140-Character Limit?

Links and Photos won’t Count in Twitter’s 140-Character Limit
Links and Photos won’t Count in Twitter’s 140-Character Limit – Rumor or Reality?

Currently, adding an URL to a tweet consumes 23 characters, after being shortened by Twitter’s system automatically.

While adding a photo consumes 24 characters. Adding a tweet and a photo will leave you with a mere 93 characters to play with.

URL links, including ones to images, take 23 characters off a tweet’s character count.

But if the rumours are true, then those wanting to share links and photos will now have more room to fit in explanatory text.

When is this much wanted change happening?

nothing has been confirmed officially by the company
Nothing has been confirmed officially by Twitter

The change is said to be happening within the next two weeks, is a compromise on the part of the company, which has repeatedly fielded requests to allow longer, more media-rich messages.

However, nothing has been confirmed officially by the company.

The company has demurred that despite the earnest requests of some Twitter users, not everybody is in agreement that longer tweets would necessarily be is a good thing.

Our take on it..

Should the limit be increased?
Should the limit be increased?

Well, the change sounds subtle.

But any tinkering with how effectively Twitter’s users can communicate with this platform is a significant shift.

Also, Twitter has been struggling for some time to make its service more approachable.
To craft tweets (painstakingly) so that they fall under Twitter’s 140-character limit is not an ideal way of attracting new users, who can as easily pen a 500-word post on Facebook and upload as many photos and links as they like.

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