Reporting Multiple Abusive Tweets Just Got Easier

Twitter, the much loved micro-blogging website, is constantly tweaking and improving the way abuse is reported on it. Because its new update to report multiple abusive tweets in a single report will make the process less taxing.

Reporting Multiple Abusive Tweets
Reporting Multiple Abusive Tweets Just Got Easier.

This multiple abusive tweets reporting will be rolling out across Android, iOS, and the Twitter website in the coming weeks.

Flagging Multiple Abusive Tweets: Another Baby Step Taken By Twitter

Previously, users were not able to attach any tweets when reporting an account, therefore, Twitter’s safety team had to look for the abusive tweets themselves or ask for additional information after a report was submitted.

With this update, it’ll become easier for the Twitter users to provide more information about the extent of abuse.

And the added context helps to investigate issues and get them resolved faster.

But even with the new update, all the tweets reported at once must be from the same account.

Twitter’s Talk about Safety Improvements

Former CEO Dick Costolo admitted that the company “sucks” at dealing with abuse. This problem has made it even harder for Twitter to grow its user base.

tweaking on Twitter
Abusive tweets have made it even harder for Twitter to grow its user base.

Since that day, the company has taken concrete steps to improve and add new reporting tools. Last year, Twitter also unveiled a new Safety page to crack down on harassment, which got a great response.

Concluding Words

It can be concluded that Twitter’s improvements are slow and still need a lot of improvement.

For example, it lacks any significant means for its users to protect themselves from including their user handle in their tweets.

However, Monday’s update doesn’t make a big difference, but at least it’s taking steps to improve user’s experience.

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