Apple TV new version may soon be launched in September

It was expected that Apple will unleash Apple TV new version in June at its annual WWDC (Word Wide Developers Conference), but the company didn’t launch it because the device was not ready for launch, according to the sources. Instead, it launched Apple’s new music streaming service and new mobile OS.

According to the latest buzz in the market, the tech giant is set to launch an Apple TV new version at the company’s event in September.

John Paczkowski, Buzzfeed Managing Editor wrote in an article:

“It’s a significant overhaul of the diminutive set-top box, which hasn’t seen a material refresh since 2012. One that Apple hopes will inspire a big upgrade cycle through the annual winter holiday consumer binge, setting the stage for the subscription internet-TV service Apple’s been trying to get off the ground for years.”

According to a report by Venturebeat, Apple is also trying to deal with TV content owners and makers to put up a bundle of TV shows and movies for Apple TV. But the companies have refused to comment on the matter.

The Apple TV new version will stream various TV shows and is said to be powered by an A8 chip, which is a powerful technology used by Apple in devices these days. According to our sources, to improve the functionality, the new version of Apple TV will have a touchpad remote control. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant is also said to be integrated into the device and the company has also increased on-board storage.

For the past three years TV streaming device has not been upgraded and these improvements will certainly help to bolster the Apple TV new version hold on the market. According to Buzzfeed, Apple TV App may also debut in the App Store. A development kit will also come with the roll out.

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