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Angry Birds 2 has crossed one million downloads in just 12 hours after launch on Thursday

Most of us have played Angry Birds original version and its various spin-off versions. Last month it was announced that the first official sequel to the original Angry Birds will be released soon. Now, Rovio Entertainment has claimed on Twitter that its latest game Angry Birds 2 has crossed one million downloads in just 12 hours after launch on Thursday.

What are the changes in Angry Birds 2 gameplay?

Users will get angry bird cards at the beginning of each match and they can use any card in any order, according to their choice. Each card has its unique special power and can take out a number of elements of the pig fortresses in its own way.

Users need to make a strategy while selecting birds, particularly because users cannot replenish cards instantly when they move through various stages of a level. The better and more destructive shots will earn more points to the users.

Angry Birds 2 has also introduced spell cards each having its own unique power: a blizzard that can freeze pig fortresses completely into ice; rubber duckies that fall from the sky in a devastating aerial strike.

In Angry Birds 2 users can also use gems to retry the levels so that they don’t have to start from the beginning. When users run out of all five lives, they can spend gems for an additional life. Gems are found within levels or by completing objectives, playing with friends or watching promotional videos (just like in Temple Run 2.) Users can also buy the gems with real world money, if they are out of gems and very much engaged in the game.

Angry birds 2 is available on both Android and iOS, so just enjoy playing this amazing game.

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