Apple’s Smart Watch will be Available Soon

Apple SmartWatch Designs

Apple’s smart wear series is something that Apple fans have been waiting for a long-time. The exotic phone maker will launch the smart-watch starting from a price of $349 to $17,000. The price depends on the kind of straps and from the kind of metals they are made.

Apple revealed the launch date of the smart-watch, the smart-watch will available for the public from the 24th of April. Rival smart-watches are also checking their products because Apple is well known for producing unique products which are not only appealing but years ahead of their competition.

Apple held a press release in San Francisco and revealed a few surprises about the smart-watches, the watches will have a media player and cool apps. While Apple didn’t show all their cards in the press release, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the subject. Many experts think that apple may opt for a bigger price gap between its standard model and advanced model. The design and functionality is said to be high-tech, similarly, these are the expectations of consumers from Apple but pricing is also a major concern for both Apple and their consumers.

With 38 models, experts think that Apple may have a strong marketing and sales plan. The problem arises with the price gap and then the marketing cost. Apple will launch their signature promotions and their unique perspective on innovative advertisement.

Critics on the other had are saying that Apple cannot justify their high prices and $17000 for a smart watch is not a good alternative for a Rolex, though both have different genres but the consumer perception may still revolve around the old concept.

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