Apple Signs a Deal with HBO

HBO Go + Apple TV

Apple and HBO are collaborative on what will be one of the biggest streaming packages available on Apple devices; this was revealed on Monday by the two companies. This makes HBO the first ever channel to be streamed via smart devices.

Apple is known for their innovative strategies and many experts think that this is a positive step towards their goal of keeping a step ahead of their competition. The deal between Apple and HBO will start in April. Starting at $14.99, this service will let users stream HBO TV shows and movies on their iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. There were some speculations that users may have to sign up for a cable subscription but Apple confirmed that users will not need to sign up for a cable subscription.

This service is only for the United States and this is the first time that HBO has ventured into this segment. Many people think that is “transformation” for HBO from a cable service to worldwide internet based streaming service. The deal was struck just in time for the 5th season of “The Game of Thrones” which will premiere on April 12.

But HBO is limited with Apple products so the users will be limited to consumers who are Apple users. This may start a new evolution of TV channels striking deals with other companies and many experts think that this may affect TV viewership in the long run.

HBO is also looking to strike deals with companies like Comcast to include HBO as a part of the broad band package.

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