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Awesome News For Gears Of War Fans! Life Is About To Have Meaning Again!

Microsoft today launched the trailer of the much awaited Gears of War Ultimate Edition – Mad World. The trailer, which was uploaded by Xbox, already has over 328,000 views on YouTube.

People going gaga over the fact that Microsoft paid homage to the 2006 Mad World trailer which went on to become Microsoft’s most popular franchise, which further helped the Xbox 360 to reach the status of “a must get console!”

Gears of War Ultimate Edition – Mad World

The standard and deluxe versions of Gears of War Ultimate Edition are available right now on e-commerce websites to pre-order. It is going to go live on August 25 (ONE WEEK! The excitement will KILL ME!)

In case you missed this announcement of Microsoft on August 3rd that all the Gears of War titles will be available through a backwards compatibility program. It means you Gears of War freaks will be able to access everyGears of War game for free! (Yayy!) However, the offer is limited till December 31st, 2015

Backwards compatibility will also include features like Snap, Game DVR and screen shots. Also, you will be able to keep saved files, achievements and add ons (Seems like Christmas came early!) The games remastered version runs at 60fps and supports 1080p graphics. And remember how you weren’t able to play with your friends on Xbox Live if you didn’t own similar consoles? Well, that problem is history now!

Here are a few reactions of Gears of War fans :

The PC version of the game which was announced might come out pretty late after the release of the Xbox version. All we can do now is for the sun to dawn on August 25th now so that life has meaning again with the release of Gears of War Ultimate Edition – Mad World!

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