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Artist Agent X Signs Deals With Multiple Art Galleries


Agent X - Pris Unit 8675308
Agent X – Pris Unit 8675308

PRESS RELEASE: Vancouver BC, 15-DECEMBER-2015 – Naked Inc Artist Management and Agent X are pleased to announce that five art galleries have recently signed the artist to carry artwork. Agent X has recently reported that Naked Inc Artist Management was named as the artist management firm for the artist. Daniel Syrett of Naked Inc also manages several other artists including Sara Pope, Robin Doyle and Mason Storm. Four of the five galleries: Art Republic Gallery, Hawkins & Blue Gallery, Curators Gallery, and Churchward Gallery are located in London and the fifth, Artetrama Gallery, is in Madrid.

Art Republic Gallery carries thousands of art prints, including rare and collectable limited editions by today’s most sought-after artists.

Hawkins & Blue is one of London’s leading independent art dealerships, specializing in contemporary, urban and pop art.

Artetrama Gallery is a home for contemporary artists from various artistic movements. Their entire collection is available on the website.

Curators Gallery is an online art gallery offering the best in urban and contemporary art from up and coming artists.

Churchward Gallery is a bespoke service sourcing, curating, installing and touring artwork by the most acclaimed established and up-and-coming artists, photographers and film makers in public, corporate and private spaces worldwide.

The artist was featured in Los Angeles-based Nakid Magazine Fall 2015 Issue III. Editor-in-Chief, Dustin Hollywood, spoke recently about the artist, “Vancouver-based artist Agent X lives in another world, one full of vibrant colour and plattered paint, collages of different realities and thought-compelling visuals. The result is dizzying moments wrapped in enigmatic inspiration”.

In order to celebrate the launch of the Fall issue of Nakid Magazine, a party was held during the famous Art Basel Weekend in Miami. Thump Magazine named the celebration as one of the “10 Art Basel Parties You Can’t Miss”.

Artist Agent X will be showing artwork at the Espacio Gallery in London on December 21. This is a fund-raising event, “The Art TakeAway”, hosted by Corrina Eastwood and Sweet ‘Art Promotions. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for the London-based charity, Outskirts. The primary focus of Outskirts is to provide inclusive support to women, and those who feel marginalized, through art therapy, support groups and counseling services.

According to the artist, “My work has been described as ‘Pop Art with thought’. I juxtapose pop culture, technology, fashion, music, politics, and race in visually complex amalgamations expressing the anxieties of the global, post-modern world and the dark side of consumerist, media-obsessed culture”.

Agent X - Bon La Famiglia
Agent X – Bon La Famiglia

Currently based in Vancouver, Agent X has exhibited in art meccas around the world, including London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Spain and Toronto. He is currently a featured artist working with Microsoft for the Surface 3 Tablet Campaign and is represented by galleries including Beautiful Crime Gallery in London.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Naked Inc Artist Management/Daniel Syrett



Telephone 07967 292918

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