BlackBerry and Google have collaborated to bring more security features in the Android OS

Few days back the images of the first Blackberry Android Phone were leaked. Now BlackBerry and Google have collaborated to bring more security features in the Android OS. The collaboration will bring BES12 device deployment and new security features in the Android OS. Also, BlackBerry registered two new domains: and recently. This has now confirmed that the BlackBerry Android phone will soon be launched.

“BlackBerry and Google are working closely together to set new standards in enterprise mobile security for organizations deploying Android devices,” says the new webpage.

What will BlackBerry and Google partnership offer?

BlackBerry is already offering a security option which covers various mobile operating systems, including BlackBerry, iOS, Android or Windows. BlackBerry and Google partnership will allow increased mobile security for Android, easier device management and deployment of enterprise apps for the Android devices using BES12. New features will be available through Android and BES12 that can enable organizations to secure business and personal data on Android devices, set new levels of hardware based encryption.

Why Blackberry registered two new domains?

Some speculations say that BlackBerry registered two new domains to promote its Android handsets. Blackberry has repeatedly said that security in their phones is their most important concern, and operating sites that are “Android Secured” will definitely help them in marketing their Android products that are secured and safe.

The partnership is a big win for Blackberry and Google, as BlackBerry will get an Android based tourniquet to get profits and Google will get a boost to its security ecosystem. The collaboration between both the companies will be most benefitted for Enterprise users. BlackBerry registered two new domains to promote their new Android phone. John Chen, BlackBerry CEO has said repeatedly that software was going to be the company’s path to return to profitability, and this partnership will definitely do that.

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