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Bright Light Discovered on Ceres

Bright Light On Ceres

A new discovery is stirred a lot excitement in the scientific community and many think that is a big surprise. Two bright lights were discovered in the 92 km wide crater on the surface.

The Dawn probe will be allured by the dwarf planets gravity on Friday. The Satellite will be sucked in and this will allow the satellite to take sharper pictures. Scientists are interested in the spots where the light is coming from and are also curious about the different layers and composition of the planet.

A problem that the researchers are facing is the possibility that the Dawn will not be able to take high quality pictures because the resolution is not good enough.

But deputy project scientist Dr Carol Raymond cautioned that the resolution of Dawn’s imagery was not good enough at the moment to make any definitive statements.

The bright light is said to be some sort of reflective material, though there are also other theories regarding the subject but scientists are mainly concerned with empirical evidence backed up by quantitative evidence.

The current assumption is that the impact on the crater created a lotof heat which exposed the ice underneath and the light is the result of the sun’s light reflecting on the rich salt deposits.

Scientists believe that the planet Ceres has a rocky core with a layer of ice on the top which is shielded with deposits of rock.

There are a variety of crater sizes on Ceres, researchers are excited and are looking forward to see if there is a liquid ocean on the planet or not.

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