Talking Computers: The Future of Robots and Computers

Aldebaran Nao Humanoid Robot

Researchers are coming close towards a long awaited human fallacy; “the intelligent Computer” Reports tell us that these computers will be able to communicate like humans. Scientists are trying to limit the language barrier factor between computers and humans. This new technology is being tested by the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA). Their main objective is to create an advance computer which will be able to replicate human expressions, gestures and spoken language.

The goal is to develop a technology which solves problems and aids humans in their daily work; this is being achieved by reducing the language barrier between the two entities.

This kind of computer modeling is said to be used in future cancer research, this technology could create several models of different molecular processes which causes cancer in a short period of time. Therefore this will help researchers to speed up their research.

Researchers at DARPA believe that humans and machines are not so different in a subjective way, however if these small differences of language are solved – the collaboration between the two would be productive.

Scientists believe that human collaboration is natural, it is easier to talk to a person but there is a lot of emotional work involved, this is not the same with computers, the communication is smoother and quicker.

DARPA has a goal of creating computers which will reduce the gap between the language barriers. This will allow humans to work seamlessly towards a common objective. They are developing computers that will learn and be a self-autonomous system making the lives of human, easier.

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