How To Build and Automated Boat Hatch

If you are a boat enthusiast, then surely you know the happiness and the adventures that you can get from your boat. You might be interested in installing an automated boat actuator so that you can improve the performance and efficiency of your boat set-up. According to there are many customizations that you can install on your boat thanks to the modern gadgets that technology offers today. One of the most famous equipment is the electric actuator which can provide you with an efficient system of automating and upgrading your boat. The boat actuator is usually powered by electricity and is efficient in its motion capacities so that it allows the user a variety of applications.


If you want to install boat actuators, one of the most common set up is the automated boat hatch. For those who are interested in automation, it might benefit you to know that many boat enthusiasts have chosen to install actuators to automate motion systems for hatches, windows, vents, appliances and even cabinets to their small boats and luxurious yachts. For boat hatches, you may want to automate the system for opening and closing it so that you wouldn’t have to exert your own energy and have to carry the hatch by yourself.

You only need a couple of tools to install an automated boat actuator to your boat hatch. You may need a good socket wrench for installation, a marker for precision installation, and some measuring tape for accuracy. Start by choosing the right size of boat actuator which would fit your boat’s current design. Make sure to measure and acquire the right sizes so that you would be able to fit the actuator set up with your boat hatch. After taking precise measurements with a tape measure, install the actuator in an angle relevant to the hatch in relation to its opening. Test the actuator for errors and adjust it according to the boat’s specs. With automated boat hatches being energy efficient, you can easily test their performance in installation with a 9-volt battery.

You are required to solder the wiring of the actuator to your boat’s built in power source in the 12-volt batteries. As an experienced DIY-er, you might want to install a safety release backup in a case of some unknown cause like a power failure or other unforeseen instances. After the preliminary installations, with a simple touch of a switch, you can now easily lower or raise your boat hatch. You can easily purchase automated boat actuators on the internet and you can even find tips and pre-existing set-ups for your knowledge.

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