Five of the Latest Innovations in Home Security

The need for better home security devices isn’t decreasing any time soon. In fact, with burglars and hackers getting a lot smarter, homeowners need more reliable gadgets and innovations that can further secure their homes.


If you are one of these homeowners looking for ways to augment your existing home security, here are the five latest innovations you need to check out.

1. Voice-Activated Smart Locks

Compared with traditional and smartphone-controlled locks, voice-activated smart locks are far more secure. Since these locks rely on your voice and specific verbal commands, you can be sure that no one else can have access to your front door without your knowledge.

Aside from enhanced security, these voice-activated smart locks are also easier to manage and more convenient to have. Because they only respond to verbal commands, you won’t have to fumble through your keys or struggle to take out your smartphone from your pocket each time you’ll be opening your doors. They’re very helpful, especially if you frequently come home with big grocery bags on both of your hands

2. Facial Recognition Cameras

While most surveillance cameras can detect and record the presence of someone in your home, facial recognition cameras are more sensitive. They can’t only know when there’s an intruder inside your property, but they can also identify if the person is actually a stranger. Some of these cameras can also differentiate humans from pets, which means there will be less cases of false alarms.

3. Light Bulb Surveillance Cameras

If you’re looking for a more discreet way of keeping track of what’s happening in your home, investing in a light bulb surveillance camera is one of your best options. The great thing about this innovation is that it allows you to set up a security camera in your home’s most vulnerable spots without much trouble. You basically just have to screw it into your existing socket and use your smart phone to control its light and camera functions.

4. Video Doorbells

Gone are the days where you have to open your door just to see who’s paying you a visit. Video doorbells allow you to check who’s at your front door no matter where you are. They can be controlled using your smart phone which means you can answer your door without physically exposing yourself to harm- or unwanted visitors.

Since these devices can let you see who’s at the other side of your door, you can use it to select the visitors you want to entertain. It’s also helpful in scaring away prying intruders and in instructing the delivery guy where to leave your packages. Video doorbells are actually great to have, particularly if you travel a lot.

5. Smoke Alarm Smart Batteries

With the way technology is moving forward, it isn’t surprising to find that even batteries have gotten smarter. And with how they’ve been upgraded, they can even make your regular smoke and fire alarm smarter, too.

Aside from powering the said devices, these smart batteries can also connect your alarms to your phone. This connection will enable you to receive notifications, such as when your smoke alarms are triggered or if your batteries are already running low.

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Rose Cabrera’s best works involve home security reviews. She aspires to help people make conscious and informed decisions about keeping their properties safe.

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