Can Baidu Duer Digital Assistant compete with Google Now, Siri and Cortana?

Baidu, the Beijing-based company that runs the Chinese version of Google, has unleashed Baidu Duer Digital Assistant to compete with Google Now, Siri and Cortana.

At Baidu World Congress 2015, the company’s CEO, Robin Li said that Baidu Duer Digital Assistant is based on the company’s existing ecosystem, covering various sectors, like tourism, healthcare, education, film and dining. It has been built into the latest version of the company’s mobile app.

Baidu Duer Digital Assistant

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu said:

“It’s just like during the PC era, when you can put a search box on every website. In the mobile internet era, we could also empower any kind of app with Duer. We hope there will be a day when everybody, young and old, could easily enjoy internet and pursue whatever they want by using Duer.”

What will Baidu Duer Digital Assistant offer?

The company said that users in China can use the app to order food and access other on-demand services like housekeeping, designated driver services or ride hailing via voice command. It is also planning to make the voice control system part of its IoT push. The Chinese search giant is working on a system, which will let Duer to control devices in the home.

The Digital assistant by the Chinese search giant will work similar to Google Now by integrating Duer into other apps of Baidu, which include Maps, Nuomi and some other. The company also showcased AI capable of recognizing images better than both Google and Microsoft’s technology.

In addition to Baidu Duer Digital Assistant, the Chinese search giant announced plans to launch a self-driving car with BMW, based on its AI, mapping and machine learning technologies.

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